Surf Clinic is based in the local beaches of Cabo Peñas and in the Barcelona neighborhood of PobleNou and is ruled by surfers that know perfectly the waves of the area and all the secrets to make you learn how to surf.

Our history is the history of the first and original Escuela de surf del Cabo Peñas. SURF CLINIC, LA ESCUELA DEL CABO is a small Surf Academy that was born in Candas (Cabo Peñas-Asturias) in 1998 (almost ten years after the foundation of the historical Club de Surf Indians in 1989) not as an ordinary surf school but as a project to accompany and mentoring surfers in their long life learning process. Nowadays we follow the same philosophy and style of work, offering quality and personal attention to provide a safe environment in order to have you improving your surfing in the best conditions.

If you, beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer, want to increase your surfing level, improve your style, learn new techniques to gain speed or just be able to surf  more waves by session let’s take a ride with us. To access to our courses you just need to be able to swim. It is our role to bring you to the next step.

During your time in Surf Clinic you will have a personal trainer who will help you to choose the best spot of the day and will be surfing with you during the whole session. And like this for one day, two, one weekend, one week or the amount of time you decide.

If you just want to come and pass some time surfing or skateboarding with us in Asturias, or in Barcelona we are willing to share with you our home.

Classes taught in English, Spanish or Italian by Professional Coaches certified by FES (Spanish Surfing Federation) or ISA (International Surfing Association).




 Coyote Surf School, Milano Surf School, La Escuela de Surf del Cabo Peñas and Surf Clinic are trademarks which intellectual property is owned by Coyote Skate School ASD and Club de Surf Indians