“Surf Coaching” formula is shaped for those who desire to improve their performance, work on some particular details of their surfing, be prepared for a trip or perfectly in shape for a new season.  But it is also especially recommended for individuals who want to use surfing as a tool for personal growing, learning psychological skills to be applied in their personal lives and professional careers.

Our coaching system has been designed by Ivan “Coyote”, surfer and skater co-founder of Club de Surf Indians (1989), SurfClinic (2006) and Coyote Skate School. Ivan has formal universitary education in Physical Education, Sports Pedagogy and Personal Training and has a Master in Sport Psychology. He has been working both as a surfer and as a teacher in Europe, Mexico and USA and has got the Surfing Instructor Certification by ISA (International Surfing Assotiation) and Skateboarding Instructor Certification by UISP (Italia) and by Federazione Italiana di Skateboarding (FISR).

Our Surf Coaching will help you not only to surf better but also to improve your physical condition giving you knowledge and phychological tools which will help you to reach any target you want.

We are based in Barcelona, Asturias and Milan but we are offering our services in any place of the World in English, Spanish and Italian.